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Endoscopy Cost
Endoscopy Cost

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An endoscopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses specialized instruments to view and operate on the internal organs and vessels of your body. Endoscopy Colonoscopy Procedure Cost, it allows surgeons to see problems within your body without making large incisions.

A surgeon inserts an endoscope through a small cut or an opening in the body such as the mouth. An endoscope is a flexible tube with an attached camera that allows your doctor to see. Your doctor can use forceps and scissors on the endoscope to operate or remove tissue for biopsy

Endoscopic surgery uses scopes going through small incisions or natural body openings in order to diagnose and treat disease. Endoscopy cost in Tamil another popular term is minimally invasive surgery, which emphasizes that diagnosis and treatments can be done with reduced body cavity invasion.

Endoscopy procedure by which a doctor can assess the internal organs of the body. A flexible tube with a small camera at the end is used. The tube is inserted into a small incision or through an opening like the mouth.

The visual from the camera is seen on a monitor to assess the internal organ. It is used to do a biopsy to check if cells of an organ are infected, damaged or cancerous

The procedure will depend to some extent on the reason for the endoscopy.

There are three main reasons for carrying out an endoscopy:

  • If an individual is experiencing vomiting, abdominal pain, breathing disorders, stomach ulcers, difficulty swallowing or gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • An endoscopy ulcer treatment can be used to treat an illness directly; for instance, endoscopy can be used to cauterize a bleeding vessel or remove a polyp.
  • Endoscopy can be used to carry out a biopsy to confirm a diagnosis of cancer or other diseases.
  • Endoscopy is a safe procedure and when performed by a physician with specialized training in these procedures, the complications are extremely rare.
  • They may include localized irritation of the vein where the medication was administered, reaction to the medication or sedatives used, complications from the pre-existing heart, lung, or liver disease, bleeding may occur at the site of a biopsy or removal of a polyp.
  • Endoscopy best treatment centre in Coimbatore the major complications such as perforation are rare but usually require surgical.
  • Endoscopy is a nonsurgical procedure used to examine a person’s digestive tract. Using an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and camera attached to it, your doctor can view pictures of your digestive tract on a colour TV monitor.
  • Endoscopes can be passed into the large intestine through the rectum to examine this area of the intestine. Endoscopy best treatment Coimbatore Tirupur, this procedure is called sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy depending on how far up the colon is examined.
  • Endoscopic ultrasound or EUS combines upper endoscopy and ultrasound examination to obtain images and information about various parts of the digestive tract.
  • During an upper endoscopy, an endoscope is easily passed through the mouth and throat and into the oesophagus, allowing the doctor to view the oesophagus, stomach, and upper part of the small intestine.

Endoscopy Recovery will depend on the type of procedure. For an upper endoscopy, which is used to enable a doctor to examine the upper gastrointestinal tract, endoscopy best treatment centre in udumalpet, the patient will be observed for some time after the procedure, usually around one hour, while any sedative medication wears off.

There may be some soreness. With this type of endoscopy, there may be bloating and a sore throat, but these usually resolve quickly.

The person should not usually work or drive for the rest of the day, because of the sedative effect of the medication used to prevent the pain.

The cost of endoscopy in India would vary according to:

  • The city
  • The hospital and its amenities
  • The overall health condition of the patient
  • The urgency of the procedure
  • The anesthesia used
  • Type of endoscopy
  • Depending on the above conditions the cost can vary between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 35000.
  • Arthroscopy Used when joints are affected. The tube is inserted through a small cut close to the joint.
  • Colonoscopy Used for the examination of your colon or tailbone. The tube will be inserted through the anal cavity.
  • Bronchoscope Used to examine infection or growth in the lungs. The endoscopic tube will be inserted through an opening like the mouth or nose.
  • Laryngoscopy used to inspect the larynx. The camera tube is inserted through the nose or mouth.
  • Cystoscopy Used to assess damage to the bladder. The scope will be inserted through the urethra.
  • Hysteroscopy Used to check the inside of the uterus in women and the tube is inserted through the vagina.
  • Enteroscopy Used when there is a problem with the small intestine. For this, the scope can be introduced through either the mouth or the anus.
  • Ureteroscopy Used to check the ureter in men. The tube will be put in through the urethra.
  • Laparoscopy Used to scan your abdominal or pelvic area. A small incision will be made close to the area and the tube will be inserted.
  • Mediastinoscopy The area between the lungs is called mediation and this kind of endoscopy is the examination of that area. A small incision is made above the breastbone for the tube.


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