Piles in Tamil

Piles in Tamil

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Piles are swellings or swollen that occur inside and around the anus, and along the anal canal. Piles treatment in Tamil are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibres in the anal canal. How to occur piles everyone has piles guarding the anal passage become too big due to inflammation, so that the vein walls become stretched, thin, and irritated by passing bowel movements, that is when piles develop.

Piles are blood vessels located in the smooth muscles of the walls of the rectum and anus. Piles treatment in Tamil they are a normal part of the anatomy and are located at the junction where small arteries merge into veins. This is an important anatomic distinction because of the type of cells that line the haemorrhoid, and the nerves that provide sensation.

  • Internal piles are located above the pectinate line and are covered with cells that are the same as those that line the rest of the intestines.
  • External piles arise below the line and are covered with cells that resemble skin.

Piles develop in different stages (called grades in medicinal terms).

  • First-grade piles develop inside the rectum or anal canal.
  • Second-grade piles protrude from the anus when the bowels are opened, but return inwards of their own accord afterwards.
  • Third-grade piles are similar. Piles symptoms in Tamil but only return inside when pushed back physically.
  • Fourth-grade piles hang permanently outside the anus.

Most piles infections are of the second- and third-grade variety.

The veins around your anus tend to stretch under pressure and may bulge or swell. Bleeding piles treatment in Tamil, we have swollen veins can develop from increased pressure in the lower rectum due to:

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Obesity
  • Sitting for long periods of time on the toilet
  • Chronic Fourth-grade or constipation
  • Pregnancy
  • Low-fibre diet
  • Anal intercourse

Piles are more likely with ageing because the tissues that support the veins in your rectum and anus can weaken and stretch.


Exercising can easily reduce the symptoms of piles. Piles symptoms in Tamil if you can go for Aerobics, Stretching exercises, brisk walking, and deep breathing exercises.  Hegel exercises 3 times every day the steps for which are:

  • Contracting your pelvic muscles. It is akin to the action you do when you hold urination.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times each session, until you can do as many as 15 repetitions
  • Squeeze and hold for three seconds then relax for another 3 seconds.
  • A lump near your anus, which may be sensitive or painful
  • Swelling around your anus
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Itching or irritation in your anal region
  • Painless bleeding during bowel movements you might notice small amounts of bright red blood on your toilet tissue or in the toilet

There are many remedies for treating piles. The efficient home remedies for treating piles are:

  • Lemon juice is a great natural, effective home remedy for piles. This remedy helps to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and thus, prevents piles. This will help soothe the pain from haemorrhoids. You can also prepare a combination of hot water, lime and honey.
  • Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an effective remedy for piles. Piles symptoms in Tamil, you can use it to treat haemorrhoids that are both, external as well as internal. Take some aloe Vera leaves and cut them into strips.
  • Internal Piles: These lie inside the rectum. You usually can’t see or feel these haemorrhoids, and they rarely cause discomfort. But straining or irritation when passing stool can damage a haemorrhoid’s surface and cause it to bleed. Occasionally, straining can push an internal haemorrhoid through the anal opening. This is known as a protruding or prolapsed haemorrhoid and can cause pain and irritation.
  • External Piles: These are under the skin around your anus. When irritated, external haemorrhoids can itch or bleed.

haemorrhoid of at least 26 to 33 grams of insoluble fibres in diet per day this can be taken in a normal diet in form of high fibre foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals.

This reduces the straining and pressure on the anal blood vessels. Bleeding piles treatment in Tamil these fibres cause absorption of water in the stools within the colon. This makes the stools softer and increases the volume.

Diet should be low in fat and red meat since these predispose to constipation. Other foods like peas, beans and lentils should be included.

People with a risk of piles should choose high fibre breakfast cereals. Products with five grams of fibre per serving should be chosen. There are also over the counter high-fibre supplements that are available for these at-risk individuals.

Piles often clear up on but may require treatment or even surgery if the symptoms are severe.  The treatment of piles varies for internal and external piles. Piles treatment in Tamil Grade three of internal haemorrhoids is also treated with medicine and a change of diet but may require surgical intervention.  The symptoms are severe. Treatment of grade four internal piles requires prompts surgical intervention especially if gangrenous tissue is found. To treat external piles your doctor might suggest haemorrhoid creams, or ice packs reduce the swelling.


Piles are engorged rectal veins with venous blood. Depending on the level of engorgement piles are classified in different stages.

  • In the first stage, painless bleeding is the only presenting sign. There is no visible mass protrusion.
  • In the Second stage, piles are not treated at this level. Pile masses start bulging out of rectum during defecation. After defecation piles are mass reduces by its own.
  • If piles are not treated at this level also; then Piles are mass remains permanently outside the rectum. A manual reduction will also not work and protruding fistula mass creates a problem in day to day activities like moving or walking.


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